You can’t have a 3D tour without data – Treedis analytics

Treedis is an extremely innovative and one of its kind platform that gives new meaning to 3D experience and virtual tours. Treedis, with its exciting features, has become a must-have tool for all the leading companies in the real estate business that are using 3-D technology to expand their customer base. Its built-in powerful tools come in handy for business analytics and decision making along with many other benefits. Its advanced analytics system allows to capture the data from the showcase and provides summarized and detailed analysis of the user interaction in a way that is very easy to comprehend. No doubt, this powerful analytic system from Treedis is a valuable tool for businesses to grow but it is highly dependent on the availability, amount, and nature of the data present. Some of the highlighting features of the tool include view, time, and users, where users are the number of unique IP addresses that accessed the page and total views are the number of times the website has been viewed. One of the most exciting features of this tool is the HeatMap. HeatMap allows you to have a very precise idea about the customer preferences, as you would get if the client was present on the site by providing the visual depiction for the areas client spent the most time looking at.

The analytics dashboard also keeps track of the details of the average time spent by each user on the page and helps you analyze the trends in user activity by providing details for specific dates and weeks. It also keeps records of the clicks on different sections of the website so that you know which areas grabbed user attention the most. The details of clicks are separated for each tag, menu, and title in the form of bar graphs so that it is easier to analyze the data at first glance. One can say that there is no doubt in the productivity and usefulness of the intelligently crafted data analytics tool because of the precise information it shares in a user-friendly and comprehensive way to make the best out of this analytic tool.

Another attractive feature offered by the platform is that it allows the streaming of Treedis analytics to Google analytics, the user-friendly interface allows you to add your Google Analytics tracking id to Treedis analytics’ Google analytics view id, and within 48 hours the platform will start streaming data to Google analytics.

The platform is equipped with many other useful and productive features making it the best fit for businesses especially during the pandemic when clients prefer virtual dealings. The live video chat feature during the 3-D tour allows a better and comprehensive interaction. It also allows you to have an idea about the concerns and preferences of the customer in real-time and helps you identify the strengths and weaknesses of your business. All in all, it’s an amazing platform built with an extremely thoughtful approach which makes it highly productive and result-oriented with the Analytics Dashboard’ being the most exciting feature.