Remove all signs of Treedis and replace them with yours. This will be branded as your system, and you can pitch it as such to your clients. This will set you apart from the competition in a heartbeat!

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Here is what it’s all about.

Front and Back-End

How do we do it?

Change the Treedis URL to your own, without needing to buy another domain ! Just pick 2 new subdomains.

Change the UI colors to your brand's colors.

Replace the Treedis logo with yours, both on the front and back end.

We give everyone quick and efficient support. Whitelabel clients get it EVEN FASTER.

As your tours have more traffic - essentially, so does your website. And website traffic means better SEO. Expanding your internal links also increments SEO.

Our Media

Treedis significantly increases the value and utility of Matterport tours. Our international customers are enthusiastic about Treedis. Treedis has many interactive features that make every industry a potential client. I would also like to point out the excellent support by the Treedis team. 

Peter Ronsiek


Treedis is the ultimate upgrade. It was clear to us that Treedis is an absolute must. As a white-label, we wanted to brand everything on the customer.

David Markgraf

3D-Hoch UG

chooses Treedis as a partner to help reaching our client needs. The Treedis team are always listening to our requests and are fulfilling our expectations. Thanks to their professionalism, we are constantly reaching new challenges with confidence.

Nicolas Senn

Immersive Business Advantage

Frequently Asked Questions

No! You simply pick two subdomains – one for the live tours and one for the back-end dashboard – and we create new DNS records for you.

Absolutely! We have a few tutorials, both written ones and detailed videos. If you need more than that, we offer an extra service that assists you with installation, from start to finish.

In our opinion, the branding is crucial. Being able to offer the full service, AS YOURS, makes your sale point so much easier.

Whenever you wish. This is being made instantly and simply, through our back-end dashboard. See our tutorials to learn more about how to do it.

Creating DNS records for you, buying server space, and making sure the installation process went smooth – all of these are time consuming on our side. To help you out, we need to make sure you’re with us at least for the first year.

Changing the domains is always possible, but it costs 100 USD, since we need to purchase new server space and create new DNS records for you.

Do you want to create a White label for your 3d experiences ?

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