Virtual staging

Our goal at Treedis used to be – making places appear as real as possible.

Well, now, with our virtual staging solution, that goal has changed.

Our mission is to make the 3D tour BETTER THAN REALITY. By adding 3D objects, media files and polygons – your property is already starting to look a lot better. And a better property sells more, or gets sold faster, or draws more attention. Whatever you want, basically. 

Here is what it’s all about.



How do we do it?

Our Media

A quick introduction of what our solution offers.

Learn how to operate this solution and become a pro.

ALL you need to know about the virtual staging solution, including frequently asked questions and some important business tips.

Omer and his team were giving 200 percent to provide us with the best fit for our requirements. Omer was being very responsive, creative and adaptive to all the changes and challenges that raised along the way. No doubt Matter is a great partner to work with when it comes to 3D modeling software developments.

May Mordechay

Trax Retail

As the biggest outdoor shopping center in our country, Treedis gave us the added value. We were able to provide our store owners with another way to sell their products, and displayed the beauty and power of our outlets.

Arik Nahmias

Big Shopping Centers

The fancy, decorated showroom is a big part of selling furniture. We realized that creating an interactive 3D experience inside our showroom is a must, so we collaborated with Treedis. Now we have a slick virtual store, while still maintaining the value of our showroom and not moving to a classic web shop.

Roee Kobra

Loz Design

Treedis helps us transmit the physical world to the virtual one, while only increasing our revenue possibilities. With Treedis, we don't need a basic web-shop - our own stores does it all! The UI design is simply amazing. 

Kevin A

Optical Center

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, you can! We currently support obj, glb and gltf – of up to 15MB. We plan on expanding this range. If you need help with a specific model, you can send it to us at support@treedis.com

Just a few quick examples:

Objects: real estate – furnishing a property. Retail – adding products.

Images – adding logos, cleaning up the style of the tour.

Videos – adding a video to one of the screens in the showroom or school.

Polygons – highlighting a product in a store, and adding ‘action’ to it.


We have a basic, free “do it yourself” version, and a more enhanced version for premium users.

You can currently add ‘action’ (iframe, photo, video, music, etc.) to the polygons and images. This option will be added soon to our objects as well. Stay tuned!

Do you want to create a virtual staging?

contact us to hear more !

Treedis offers a polygon editor

Which will allow you to publish a  green screen video effect on your tour.

Treedis offers a obj editor

Which will allow you to publish a  green screen video effect on your tour.

Treedis offers a VS media editor

Which will allow you to publish a  green screen video effect on your tour.