Virtual Staging Taking Over The Traditional Staging : A Guide

When it comes to real estate marketing many hi-tech tools are now being used in the industry to take it to a high level. Here, we are talking about an outclass technology that is called virtual staging. In this, the property is staged realistically and perfectly by computer and obviously not in real life.

Treedis are here to provide a helping hand in staging your property and then you will definitely be able to sell it to some prospective buyers who see a spark in the place they wish to buy.

The goal of treedis in virtual staging is to encourage home buyers to see a property’s actual potential. In other words, you can say the image designed may not be of the room as it is at the moment, but the design does portray what it can be. Virtual staging, just like the physical home staging, is an attempt to entice home buyers and enables them to connect emotionally with the given property.

Treedis became aware of the need to introduce this service due to the prevailed COVID-19 circumstances. With this being known, virtual staging is a telltale of a potentially enormous shift in both the real estate market and the traditional home staging industries. In this time, when social distancing and hygiene measures are to be taken very seriously has clearly made the old ways of home retail quite difficult.

Moreover, the technology used for virtual staging and such projects has, in recent years, advanced to such extents that the artificial-looking images associated with this practice are now a thing of the past and virtual tours, virtual walkthroughs, 3D cameras have filled the spot perfectly.

The extensive virtually staged models, comprising some immersive 3D components and hi tech options, are fast superseding the professional renderings as an ideal industry standard.

The VR/AR technology makes it super convenient for the buyers or renters to visualize their residence that they are considering. This does not apply Only for the vacant or to be sold properties, but it also can be used when you are considering redecoration of your home. You can have a virtual tour after getting the service and then customize it accordingly. That tremendous ability that this tool renders to envision a prospective home is extremely valuable at most of the times. And treedis can perfectly be your go-to option for the virtual staging service.

The evolution of this virtual reality technology continues to advance the remarkable virtual staging’s capabilities. You never imagined walking through a vacant house envisioned as your home even before it’s furnished. Now residents have a virtual walkthrough option in their apartment and interact with the unit personally and make changes as they desire in the virtualitems.

When it comes to the retail If your property let’s see what difference does it make in Virtually staged homes, when compared to those that aren’t staged:

  • They attract more potential buyers
  • Get comparatively more offers
  • Look adequate and have a different competition
  • Sell amazingly faster and for more money

Matterport virtual staging assists the furniture and furnishing stores to formulate some 3D staged catalogues for a rather immersive experience. Captured with 3D cameras of Matterport, the service by treedis and Matterport provide customers to visualize the overall aesthetics and even functions of the objects, which later on allow them to make better and faster choices.

Treedis uses some incredible softwares that has an extensive library of furniture options and even customizable options ranging from couches, rugs to even televisions and lighting of the residence.