Virtual conference platform: an innovative solution

When it comes to visualization tools and virtual solutions for business growth and to stay updated, treedis is on the top. Treedis is the well-known name for innovative technological solutions for business as they believe that it’s high time for every business to rely upon online experiences more than ever. During and after the covid, every business shifted to virtual solutions and options as they are safe. Now real estate business world is also inclining towards virtual solutions more than ever due to benefits and safety concerns.

Virtual conferencing is a new platform by Treedis to make interaction real and virtual at the same time. By introducing a virtual conference platform, treedis want to establish a closer relationship and hassle-free communication among the event managers, exhibitors, and conference participants. In this way, all the parties can interact, share their thoughts, opinions, and concerns without  any physical interaction.

Treedis virtual conference platform is safe and user friendly. Clients will definitely enjoy the benefits of a 3D tour.

This innovative virtual conference platform enables users to enjoy 3D interactive tours. Virtual conference and Matterport makes 3D tours straightforward and fast. This virtual platform is ideal for work planning and listing clients’ viewpoints. Appraising properties is no more a tough and time-consuming task. Users like real estate brokers, property dealers, and homebuilders can take clients virtually through their homes and properties.

Virtual conferencing enables the host to arrange a guided tour of the property or home at any time and place. In this way, the host can cover the critical details and intricate features at his pace. User or host can showcase the strengths of their properties to a client thousand miles away. Moreover, this feature is equally useful for event managers and buyers to discuss the details of any specific thing, location, or setting. If the buyer wants to visit specific locations, the in-house host can simply go through the house and take them to their desired location. In this way, the host can get instant feedback, and the client’s satisfaction level will also increase. Event managers can take their clients to their desired location and ask them what is bothering them or what type of arrangements they want.

The host can start hosting open houses with multiple buyers simultaneously. Instead of meeting and taking prospective buyers across the city to visit properties now, the host can show them a new property through the Matterport window. Moreover, prospect buyers can also inquire and witness the property, building, and location without any physical involvement.

Virtual conferencing   by treedis comes with the following benefits

  • Straight forward way to connect with clients sitting miles ways
  • User-friendly interface to enjoy a smooth, interactive experience
  • Cost-effective as pricing is simple and affordable
  • A host can cater to multiple clients simultaneously
  • Time saver, as the host doesn’t need to take the buyer to the property physically.
  • opening a new Matterport window allows them to show a new property instantly to their client
  • instant feedback from clients and conference participants  
  • easy way to show professionalism to your prospective buyers and clients

 Keeping in mind the COVID perspective and innovative solutions, virtual conferencing by treedis is the need of time. Every business that uses the physical space and involves human interaction can benefit from this new amazing platform. If you are in the real estate business, you can benefit too by exploring treedis new virtual conferencing option. Treedis new virtual confessing is user friendly and has a dashboard for every stage. Moreover, this new platform will help you to create your positive and professional image among prospect clients.