Paywall / Pay Per View

Add a ticketing system to your tours.

Quick Screenshots

Users can grab screenshots of every scan in the tour!

Custom URL Addons

Control all the URL addons of the tour, without having to revert back to the Matterport Workshop. 

Minimap & Floorplans

Which will allow you to integrate the Matterport minimap, your own floor-plan, or a custom minimap of your choice.


Control the brightness, saturation and contrast effects of the tour. 

Burger Menu

Navigate easily through the tour, panoramas, iframe, images, and more!


Custom Reel Menu

Navigate between spaces, insert iframes and videos, connect different locations within your property, integrate sales tools and more!

Smart Link

Change the tour URL to any desired ending!


Allowing you to duplicate your tour on click: display different content, create a test environment and much more!

Smart Tags

Replace the mattertag with a custom icon, embed all types of media, and turn the 3D tour into an immersive experience!

Green Screen

Add “Green Screen” (no background) videos to your tour.


Which will allow you to open different kinds of media on specific nodes.

Background Video

Add a background video that will play in the corner of the tour and present your brand or property!

Background Music

Add a background music and turn the tour into an immersive experience!

Asset Page

An automatically generated landing page for your property.
This will include the 3D tour, a photo gallery, lead form, branding, social media integrations, property description and more. 

Intro Screen

Create a customized, branded loading screen! Instead of waiting for the 3D tour to load, users will already get a sense of the upcoming experience in the property!


Allowing you to display your tours in how many languages that you want.  

Lead Management

Generate leads through the tour, manage and integrate them into your CRM!


Collect data from your 3D tour – learn about customer preferences, user behavior, peak hours, preferred devices and more! 

Facebook Messenger

Integrate a Facebook messenger widget in your tours, and make the tour a lead generator and a useful tool to engage with clients

Booking System

Manage your business through the Treedis platform – operate your customers’ orders and organize your photographers’ schedule. 

Drone URL

Integrate drone view models into your tour.

Client Management

Give your clients back-end access, so they could make some changes on their own, and save yourself time – time that you could use… to get even more clients!


Add a drone or a 360 image, connect multiple hot spots to it, and insert iframes, videos, images and text – to create a unique experience!


Lock the 3D tour or analytics page with a password. 

Client Logo

Which will allow you to brand yours or your client’s tour with a chosen logo.

Mini white-label

Upgrade your client’s tour into a fully white-labeled one, with your client’s logo and colors – and without any other unnecessary branding!

Floor plans

Order a customized 2D / 3D plan. Add you logo, choose your language, request premium fast delivery, Site Plan, .dwg (CAD) files and more!

Google Analytics

Allowing you to connect your tours to the google analytics system and extract important data from them!