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Welcome to Treedis network

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We're glad you decided to apply to our network community !
Our network community was created as a result of the need of many customers of ours to take on global tasks, such as photographing a global supermarket chain, a worldwide hotel chain, and pretty much every task that is around the globe.
To be able to accomplish all of these global tasks, we need a network of photographers located around the world!

In conclusion, we are glad you chose to join our network community. When a job that matches your location and the industry you are primarily working with, we will contact you and if you find it appropriate to do this job, we will carry out the project together in the best possible way!
Thank you,
Treedis network team.

"chooses Treedis as a partner to help reaching our client needs. The Treedis team are always listening to our requests and are fulfilling our expectations. Thanks to their professionalism, we are constantly reaching new challenges with confidence.

Nicolas Senn, IBA