Treedis Experts

We believe our platform is spectacular, but you know who is even more amazing?

Our partners. Professional photographers, marketing agencies and service providers all across the globe.  

Today, we’re proud to call some of these partners – our Treedis Experts. Together, we create better virtual experiences, and deliver top-class service. 

It's your time to grow.

Are you looking to expand your portfolio? Capture properties which have been out of reach?

Joining the exclusive team of Treedis Experts will help you do just that. Because our mission is to create an ever-expanding market for virtual experiences.

So, when every supermarket will have its virtual tour, or when every physical conference will go virtual – you’ll be ready to collect the prize of our mutual effort.

Who is a verified Treedis Expert?

A professional Matterport photographer.

Has worked with the Treedis platform in the past/present.

His work has been reviewed and approved by Treedis professionals. 

Reliable, honest and hard-working business person. 

Using Our Scanning Network

Driving technology for leading brands​

Our Network Professionals

The platform can dramatically increase your customer base. Most importantly - by offering more, your bill grows and so does your trust with the client.

Mika Kallunki

RVN Consulting

Treedis is helping us differentiate our service, offering many solutions to a scope of clients. This helps us stay far ahead of the competition.

Ali Riza

Dream Reality

chooses Treedis as a partner to help reaching our client needs. The Treedis team are always listening to our requests and are fulfilling our expectations. Thanks to their professionalism, we are constantly reaching new challenges with confidence.

Nicolas Senn

Immersive Business Advantage

Treedis is the ultimate upgrade. It was clear to us that Treedis is an absolute must. As a white-label, we wanted to brand everything on the customer.

David Markgraf

3D-Hoch UG

Are you an expert?