A web shop is nice. Really, it is. But a virtual store is just so much better.

Why? Because buyers feel like they are in the physical store, but they also have the convivence of a typical web-store.

And you, as a seller? You get to showcase your store, FOR REAL. Not just as a stack of products, but as place that represents nothing short of GREATNESS.

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Omer and his team were giving 200 percent to provide us with the best fit for our requirements. Omer was being very responsive, creative and adaptive to all the changes and challenges that raised along the way. No doubt Matter is a great partner to work with when it comes to 3D modeling software developments.

May Mordechay

Trax Retail

As the biggest outdoor shopping center in our country, Treedis gave us the added value. We were able to provide our store owners with another way to sell their products, and displayed the beauty and power of our outlets.

Arik Nahmias

Big Shopping Centers

The fancy, decorated showroom is a big part of selling furniture. We realized that creating an interactive 3D experience inside our showroom is a must, so we collaborated with Treedis. Now we have a slick virtual store, while still maintaining the value of our showroom and not moving to a classic web shop.

Roee Kobra

Loz Design

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