Frequently Asked Questions

It depends on how many tours you create each month.
If you use less than 15 tours, choose “Pay as you go”.
If you use more than 15 tours but don’t want any future commitment, choose “Monthly”.
Else, choose “Annual” and enjoy a price reduction. 

Another important thing, we give out free video credits with the monthly and yearly accounts – another reason to upgrade to the unlimited plans.

Unlimited amount of spaces.

Yes we have a whitelabel solution. You can change everything on the platform to your domain, replace the Treedis logo with yours, and change the system colors! All of this will allow you to pitch the platform to your clients as yours!

In all of the plans, you can use all of our features.

Contact support from the contact link or through support@treedis.com and request cancelation. Deleting your tours or canceling the subscription through your payment method is also an option.

All is built to be simple, but we also have a full ‘Need Help’ page with many tutorials and manuals. We’re also very responsive via email. Our clients also help each other out, mainly in the Treedis Official Users Group on Facebook.

Use the contact form. We would like to make your dream come true.

Treedis has nightly backups and is hosted on a server with a RAID Backup.


Yes, you do. The Matterport link must remain active for the Treedis overlay to work its magic on top of that 🙂

Yes! Treedis has an API which is accessible through our Enterprise Program. Contact us at support@treedis.com to learn all about it…

The trial period is for two weeks.

Absolutely! Treedis oversees and manages international projects with our team of professionals, who can do any type of job anywhere you’ll need!