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Leading Examples

ICL Traffic Safety Tutorial
Traffic safety for a safe journey to work and back home. Keep alert. Stay safe.
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GQA - Do it right the first time, we don’t always get a second chance
The following events, characters and content are entirely fictional and have been created for learning purposes only. No one was harmed during the making of this content and all participants are actors.
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Safety At Work Factory tutorial
A safety at work tutorial to take users on a a mission to be performed according to safety regulations and protocol
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Highlighted Features


Define what happens after the player succeeds or fails in a specific mission.

End to end e-ticketing system, including coupons, multilingual, and multicurrency. Define ticket time and accessibility settings.

Intro Screen

Create an introduction screen that gets your players in the right mood, and introduces them to your experience.

Experience Tutorial

Experience guide Simple and easy user’s guide for first timers.

Create interactive and challenging locks for users to solve.

Personally customize your experience be defining every element of your experience.

Challenge your users with an advanced scoring system and let them share their final score. 

Data is king, so get insights and stats to understand how your users performed.

Review all the content viewed throughout the experience collected into a designed book.

A navigation bar to accompany the experience that will take the user to the next stage of the experience with a click of a button.

Add quality content to gave a frame story to your experience.

Create different language versions to expose your experience to a global audience.


A quick introduction of what our solution offers.

EVERYTHING that you need to know about the Game Creator, including frequently asked questions and some important business tips.

Learn how to operate this solution and become a pro.

Frequently Asked Questions

Endless possibilities, to be honest.

Escape rooms, trivia games and scavenger hunts for museums, tourism, sports and entertainment places.

E-learning experiences for education centers.

Advanced simulators for factories, hospitals and any other workplaces.

Absolutely! You can change all relevant fields + create multiple version of your game, one in each language. Your players will be able to choose their preferred language. 

You don’t need any third-party platform to use our Game Creator solution. Upload your Matterport tour into our platform and manage everything regarding your game.


Of course! Your game will be branded according to your White-Label settings – colors, logo, and domain.

No! You can have as many locks as you want!

However, we do recommend keeping track of the speed of your tour, and splitting it into 2 or more different games if you have reached more than 50 locks.

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