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Hey, you. You have a place, right? A house, store, factory or showroom, school you
teach in or museum you manage. You definitely have a place.

Does your place have a digital twin? Not a website. Not cool videos. A 3D virtual experience. A virtual model that presents your place, and much more. A tool that you can use – to teach, train, sell, market, show, present and explore. One virtual experience that can DO IT ALL.

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What is a Virtual Experience?

A 3D model, captured by the most advanced scanning technology in the world, and presented in the Treedis platform. You can use the model for anything you want. Take inspiration from some of our extraordinary projects!

Why do you need a Treedis 3D Experience?

E-commerce system

Live video meetings on the 3D tour.

Interactive game or an e-learning experience.

Media, information and 3D objects implemented in the tour.

Integrated sales tools and marketing materials.

Augmented reality and artificial intelligence.

And.. any other custom development you could think of!

One Stop Shop

Wherever you are, we've got you covered. Our global network of professional technicians will capture your property and create its digital twin.

Work with a dedicated Channel Account Manager, leading your project from start to finish. 

A Treedis professional producer will turn the digital twin into a work of art, by using all the relevant features and solutions of our platform. 

Enterprise Solutions

We know our biggest clients need top-level solutions. We have a program just for that

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Treedis helps us transmit the physical world to the virtual one, while only increasing our revenue possibilities. With Treedis, we don't need a basic web-shop - our own stores does it all! The UI design is simply amazing. 

Kevin A

Optical Center

After winning the Skoda DigiLab "Covid-19 Mobility Startups challenge". Treedis have been partnering up on service and customized development projects as a part of the Enterprise Plan, finding exciting solutions and helping the brand sell vehicles and display its showrooms in the most interactive way using the unique live video chat feature.

Jakub Chromec


The fancy, decorated showroom is a big part of selling furniture. We realized that creating an interactive 3D experience inside our showroom is a must, so we collaborated with Treedis. Now we have a slick virtual store, while still maintaining the value of our showroom and not moving to a classic web shop.

Roee Kobra

Loz Design

I think implementing Treedis was a key business decision we took shortly after the pandemic began, and it was a great one. In a time when we needed reliability and flexibility, Treedis came through and we happily implemented it into our systems. Now our agents can simply start their day by logging into their Treedis user, managing their different properties and creating live video chat calls”.

Aloisio Carlos

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