Case Study: Trax Retail

Treedis helped Trax Retail build the store planning process in an efficient, cost-effective, and accurate way.


  • Treedis has been working with retail IoT and analytics firm Trax Retail, using Matterport digital twins to determine placements for the in-store cameras that power Trax Retail’s Computer Vision solutions. The Treedis platform enables Trax Retail personnel to quickly explore various scenarios of camera placements throughout a store space, measuring camera fields of vision and noting overlap zones. Using this solution, cameras are optimally installed in locations which provide the needed visibility to its retailer and consumer packaged goods (CPG) clients for monitoring stock levels, merchandising display execution, shelf price accuracy, and more.

Industry: Retail, AI
Location: Tel Aviv, Israel

Company Bio

Trax enables brands and retailers to better navigate the new frontier of retail where the best of physical and digital come together to delight at the shelf.

“Through Treedis digital twin customization and IoT custom solution, we were able to obtain all the data from the store through the 3D mapping and significantly reduce the planning time.”

 May Mordechay 

Product Manager

Trax Retail

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The Challenge

  • The previous planning process was very long and slow, and required working in several different methods with different platforms by professional planners
  • The planning process was slowing down the flow of work and the time frames for connecting Trax’s solutions to the retail stores. This entailed extra costs for generating a 3D model based on floor plans, many planning hours, and sometimes inaccurate results that would require additional planning and corrections in the field.

The Approach

Treedis provided operational and technological solutions for the planning process. Setting up teams from both companies to cooperate on development projects.

The Solution

Treedis developed a planning tool based on a virtual 3D showcase of the retail store. The planning tool allows non-professional planners to easily map out and plan a whole store while decreasing the planning time by 70%.

“When we’re talking about retailers or CPGs, we’re talking immediately about hundreds of cameras in a store and thousands of stores at once. So we had to find something scalable

May Mordechay.

Product Manager


The Results

The Treedis planning tool allowed Trax to reach a higher level of planning with zero mistakes, accurate placing of the cameras, and all in a user-friendly and smooth tool. The solution allowed Trax to roll out and plan a higher volume of stores since the planning time was reduced and the planning task was made easier and accessible for non-professional planners.