Selling properties during lockdowns - using the Treedis live video chat!

We have always labeled our live video chat feature as a flagship development. Cyrela RJ, the biggest real estate company in South America – well, they are the ones actually proving it. Don’t just take our word for it.

Around June 2020, Cyrela decided to join our Enterprise program and results have been tremendous.

As a VIP client, Cyrela got exclusive training from our team members, the special help of it’s Matterport Service Provider Denison Neves, and basically our full attention to make sure it can succeed.

Cyrela’s operation and technology manager, Aloisio Carlos, has been leading the charge on their behalf. “I think implementing Treedis was a key business decision we took shortly after the pandemic began, and it was a great one. In a time when we needed reliability and flexibility, Treedis came through and we happily implemented it into our systems. Now our agents can simply start their day by logging into their Treedis user, managing their different properties and creating live video chat calls”.

Another point to note is that the video calls aren’t just a solution for lockdown times – they are an opportunity to expand the area you cover and allow more potential buyers to have an initial look of the property, before they come to a physical visit. “I honestly believe the potential for video calls on the MP platform is huge”, Aloisio adds.

We could not agree more.