Case Study: SKODA AUTO

Winning Skoda Auto COVID-19  Hackathon led to an amazing partnership that transformed Skoda showrooms into digital.


After winning SKODA AUTO Covid-19 Hackaton, Treedis has chosen to develop a digital solution that enables car shoppers to visit a virtual showroom through the website. With a click, shoppers can embark on a virtual tour within the digital twin of a ŠKODA dealership, guided by a salesperson via integrated live video chat. Shoppers can navigate around the various vehicles captured in high definition, zooming in on a vehicle of interest from any angle to admire the exterior or interior trim. A lead capture form helps ensure the salesperson can follow up with the prospect, reducing the time a car buyer needs to spend physically visiting a dealership, for a more convenient shopping experience.
The ŠKODA team uses advanced analytics of the virtual showroom tours to understand the behavior and preferences of customers. Insights from this data have led to changes in strategy, including re-staging the physical dealership showroom to emphasize brand strengths while updating the online tours in the same layout.

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Company Bio

Škoda is a Czech automobile manufacturer established in 1925 as the successor to Laurin & Klement and headquartered in Mladá Boleslav, Czech Republic. Škoda Works became state-owned in 1948. After 1991, it was gradually privatized to the German Volkswagen Group, becoming a subsidiary in 1994 and since 2000 a wholly-owned subsidiary.

“The current situation has shown that many areas of our lives, both on a private as well as a professional level, can be carried out much more digitally” 

Andre Wehner 

Chief Digital Officer


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The Challenge

Automakers are facing the realization that, while lockdown restrictions are beginning to lift in many countries, customers are still reluctant to risk their health by going to a dealership and potentially exposing themselves to infection. To mitigate the problem, Skoda launched a competition to uncover the best digital solution for selling cars in a post-COVID world.

The Approach

Treedis provided operational and technological solutions for capturing all the different parts of the museum. Setting up teams from both companies to cooperate on challenging capturing missions and technological development projects.

The Solution

Using the virtual showroom portal, ŠKODA AUTO customers can view this pilot project online 24/7 and view the vehicles on display. They can freely browse the sales area, look at a suitable ŠKODA model at their own convenience and configure it using the online tool. All the necessary information, including technical data of the respective model, is clearly presented, and the vehicle can be viewed from various angles. Prospective customers can also arrange a test drive at the dealership. Thanks to the modular structure of the virtual showroom, the integration of additional. elements, such as virtual reality, is also possible Center accessible.

“Skoda’s representatives from the DigiLab development division were particularly impressed with how realistic Treedis solution was”

The Results

After winning the hackathon, Treedis started with a pilot in Israel. The pilot results were very successful and as a result, SKODA decided to scale the project. Today SKODA uses the 3D virtual showroom experience in 3 different countries: Israel, the Czech Republic, and Sweden. we are currently in the process of expanding the project to other countries in the world.