Winning a Hackathon – and Earning a True Partner !

COVID-19 changed everyone’s life. There’s nothing new about that. For us, the beginning of the pandemic marked the launch of our product to the public. So these were crazy, exciting and weird times all together.

Of course, enterprise companies all around the globe were also looking for innovative ways to pitch their product. They looked for solutions in challenging times. One of them was Skoda. In fact, Skoda even took in a step further.

Skoda launched its International hackathon of ŠKODA AUTO DigiLab and ŠKODA AUTO, under the theme ‘COVID Mobility Race’. It was the first time the hackathon was held online.

We at Treedis, along with our mother company “Matter Software”, jumped on the opportunity. We provided Skoda with a virtual showroom – yes, the one we all know from Matterport – and enhanced it with our exciting features.

Andre Wehner, ŠKODA AUTO Chief Digital Officer, stated, “The current situation has shown that many areas of our lives, both on a private as well as a professional level, can be carried out much more digitally. For us, the current crisis therefore also presents an opportunity. We would like to make the most of what we have just learned and make use of the existing technical possibilities in order to cater to the needs of our customers even more specifically. This year’s international online hackathon has delivered exciting new approaches and innovative concepts. And the participants’ response has demonstrated that the potential is far from exhausted.”

So when a Chief Digital Officer of a company like Skoda speaks, we pay attention and get to work.

We used Treedis’ slick design for a smooth navigation menu, implemented branding of Skoda all across the tour (including the company’s colors through the white-label), added audio narration and connected iframes to tags for further explanations about the car.

At the conclusion of the 4-days hackathon, a team of global specialists voted our product to be the winner of the competition. We couldn’t be more excited. Ever since then, we’ve been partnering with Skoda to create more and more virtual showrooms and enhance our product rapidly.

Skoda is now using our live video chat for sale calls and show-around of the cars to potential buyers who cannot attend the showroom physically. It’s really touching to know we’ve been have to make cars more accessible, maybe not in the original sense of the term but certainly in a different, important way.

The cycle of success doesn’t stop here – while we can scan certain locations ourselves, we have also managed to extend the work to some our partners, in this case – 3D Hoch from Germany, to do a scan of the Skoda showroom in Prague.

David, the CEO of 3D Hoch, recently told us: “Treedis was the best business decision I ever made. And I realized that even before I know we can collaborate on new scan jobs. You are so much more than just an overlay company. Thank you!”

Well said, David. We are definitely so much more than just an overlay company…