Case Study: Web3 Immersive Galleries for NFTs

Discover how Gabriel Di Sante and Meta Ruth used Treedis to display NFTs in an ideal virtual environment : Treedis Web3 Immersive Galleries

Gabriel Di Sante - NFT Billboard Gallery


NFTs are digital assets that represent real-world objects like art, music, in-game items, and videos. They can only be purchased and sold online. Because NFTs are visual representations that have been virtualized, web2 platforms did not seem to be a suitable venue to showcase and sell it.

Gabriel and Ruth, two NFT artists and influencers, decided to create virtual NFT galleries using The Treedis platform and many of its features and solutions such as CGI, Virtual Staging, and V-commerce in order to increase engagement and ultimately revenues.

 Through the Avatar solution, users can browse a virtual gallery as they would a real one, see the NFTs, and even purchase them. Additionally, users can interact with each other and learn more about Web3, Metaverse, and NFT.

With the tools Treedis provided to Gabriel and Ruth, they were able to market and sell their galleries more effectively. To understand the behaviour and preferences of customers, the team analyzes advanced data from the virtual NFT gallery tours. Data analysis led to re-staging and re-design of the galleries.

Industry: Web3
Location: United States, Canada

Artists Bio


Gabriel Di Sante is a Web3 digital creator, photographer, influencer and artist. 

Ruth Guzzone is a Web3 digital creator, influencer, and an NFT artist

“I highly suggest business owners to get involved with Treedis now because as I have found through my experience, early adopters have 50% more leverage.

This will become a very competitive market as the Metaverse alone already is in the midst of this technology evolution and global revolution.”

– Ruth Guzzone – 

Web3 Creator and NFT Artist


Sales went up by


2 galleries sold out – generating over


Clicks generated in less than 24h on a gallery


The Challenge

Metaverses, NFTs, and Web3 were not such a popular topic about 2 years ago.

Back then, Gabriel was already looking for a platform that would offer some features and integrations that would make e-commerce and shopping for NFTs a better and more efficient experience.

NFT web2 marketplaces’ interfaces had adverse effects on artists’ artwork, showcasing it incorrectly and limiting the 3-D aspect of it

Gabriel and Ruth were looking for an immersive platform to increase user engagement and increase sales while enabling them to gain access to significant analytics.

The Approach

Treedis met Gabriel’s exact requirements.

Treedis provided Gabriel with the ability to create virtual experiences and web3 solutions that would solve real problems, deliver utility, and create different revenue streams.

In addition to creating virtual spaces based on floor plans, Treedis also provided significant support to get Gabriel acquainted with the platform and its features.

As an Enterprise Client, he received great support and communication. This enabled him not only to share his ideas and needs, but also to get feedback from users to improve the user experience and attract more users, as well as receive custom development based on his specific needs.

The Solution

Gabriel created galleries to showcase NFT Arts, including two dedicated to MetaRuth’s art, using Treedis’ CGI Solution and Digital Twin Studio.

By enabling the Avatar solution on the tours, Treedis helped recreate the exhibition’s social experience.

As avatars, users can scroll through the NFT gallery, click on a polygon, and an iframe window opens redirecting to OpenSea, where trades are conducted.

The artists used the Virtual Staging option to transform galleries into true Hybrid Metaverse Experiences, complete with 3D objects and animations.

Analytics are what allows Gabriel and Ruth to leverage their businesses and compete in the marketplace. Keeping track of how many customers have visited their business, how long a prospect or returning customer viewed a particular item, and what areas of the gallery were the hottest spots helped them perfect and improve their showcases.

 “The Treedis galleries allow us to reach millions of individuals who may also become collectors, and offer a much-needed alternative to web2 websites, which lack the ability to create an immersive experience and are not suitable for this type of product.” Gabriel Di Sante

The Results

Gabriel and Ruth have a number of digital NFT exhibition galleries, which allow them to not only display and sell NFTs but also create a better experience for their audience or potential collectors, that is mobile, desktop, table, and VR friendly. 

Gabriel and Ruth’s art is now available on a global level, accessible anywhere, by anyone.

As a survivor of Domestic Violence, the subject that inspires Ruth’s art, the NFTs gallery also serves as an awareness space. Ruth uses this platform to inform and educate people on domestic violence. This opportunity has motivated her to keep designing, creating, and continuing her battle to help domestic violence survivors heal.


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