Case Study: City Of David

Exposing this historical museum to people worldwide and allowing people to visit the museum without the need to physically travel all the way to Jerusalem.


The virtual experience of The City of David sends visitors centuries back in time to learn how and where it all started by visiting archaeological excavations and thrilling biblical finds that span thousands of years of history including both First and Second Temple Jerusalem.

Industry: Museums
Location: Jerusalem, Israel

Company Bio

The City of David began over 3,000 years ago, when King David left the city of Hebron for a small hilltop city known as Jerusalem, establishing it as the unified capital of the tribes of Israel. Years later, David`s son, King Solomon, built the First Temple next to the City of David on top of Mount Moriah, the site of the binding of Isaac, and with it, this hilltop became one of the most important sites in the world.

“Instead of waiting for billions of people to come and visit we can put it into the Treedis virtual experience and enable people to feel the past as it’s been uncovered using the technology of the future.” 

Doron Spielman 

Vice President 

City Of David

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The Challenge

  • During COVID lockdowns, the museum was closed for visitors, sales dropped and the lack of a powerful marketing tool was leading to a substantial decrease in sales and online traffic which was the main channel for potential visitors.
  • Marketing challenges in the COVID era, and mainly not being able to have any physical visitors. The museum was also searching for a way to reach the many people interested in the City of David but can’t travel to Israel also in post COVID times.

The Approach

Treedis provided operational and technological solutions for capturing all the different parts of the museum. Setting up teams from both companies to cooperate on challenging capturing missions and technological development projects.

The Solution

Treedis captured the entire City of David, exposing them to a worldwide audience with interactive and sensational experiences, using an advanced ticketing system to allow the museum to sell virtual tickets and maintain revenue streams.

The 3D experience includes written and video content, interviews of the archaeologists, and animated characters to bring true-to-life exploration.

“The team from CEO level all the way down, came to the City of David to understand the assets of our product, I think that was really the key for bringing the magic of the City of David to the rest of the world. Together we’ve created a product that going to take the world by surprise”

 Doron Spielman.

Vice president

The Results

The marketing value is immense. Having the 3D tour with high-quality content such as video content, interviews with the archeologists, animated redisplay of an ancient site that appears in the bible, and many more, allows the museum to offer a seamless experience for virtual visitors that resembles the physical experience and even overtakes it.

The joint project of virtualizing the museum of the City of David has brought a spike in the number of visitors per month. These visitors from around the world can experience the ancient history of Jerusalem as it’s being uncovered today.