Trax Retail Collaborates with Treedis to Create Incredible Efficiency for Supermarkets!

 Over the last few months, we at Treedis have been working on a very special project.

Our dear friends and partners at Trax Retail, the leading company worldwide at digitalizing the physical world of retail, have asked us for a few solutions. After some long and detailed meetings in which we characterized exactly their needs, we were able to follow through and results have been nothing short of spectacular.

In essence, both Trax’s goal and ours (each in its own separate and joint markets) is to drive efficiency up, all the way throughout the operational process of a store or a supermarket – from the inventory – into the shelves – and all the way to the consumer decision making and checkout.

I suppose some of you might only imagine a virtual tour as means to create another marketing material, to bring customers closers to you or to drive sales up. Well, none of that is false – but we believe a virtual tour is so much more. And yes – that includes efficacy and smoother operations.

Going back to Trax, they needed to place cameras in certain locations within the store to track down every product. But where should they place them? Which camera should they choose? How can they make sure each camera covers exactly the products it should, not more and not less?

Well, the short answer to that is Treedis. The longer answer? A methodological, carefully planned and detailed process of developments, in which Treedis can allow its users to run all the scenarios it needs until making the final decision, and then continuing to use Treedis to constantly update its supermarkets and stores.

And as with almost every project we do, if we have a client that might be able to help – he’s invited to do so with great pleasure. This time, we needed scans of 2 supermarkets in Lima, Peru – and we called our longtime clients at InteractivoPro to do the scans for us! I can personally attest that it’s so fulfilling to be able to literally help our clients expand and just refer jobs to them, not only by the means of our platform but also by the means of our connection. I believe there will be many more scan jobs to come in this project.

Stay tuned for incredible updates here. In the meantime, we’ll continue to smash and break every limit you might think Matterport has. We’re just that dedicated.