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“Optimism (in the sense that I have advocated) is the theory that all failures—all evils—are due to insufficient knowledge… Problems are inevitable, because our knowledge will always be infinitely far from complete. Some problems are hard, but it is a mistake to confuse hard problems with problems unlikely to be solved. Problems are soluble, and each particular evil is a problem that can be solved. An optimistic civilization is open and not afraid to innovate, and is based on traditions of criticism. Its institutions keep improving, and the most important knowledge that they embody is knowledge of how to detect and eliminate errors“ — David Deutsch


I have many things to say about our company, but if I must be precise, I would say one thing: we are die-hard optimists. This is the most important ingredient to our sauce. It’s the one element our company’s culture cannot live without.

We believe that connectivity is more important than ever. We believe that accessibility is a basic human right. We believe that providing quality digital solutions to everyone (literally, everyone) is a must. And that’s when our story connects to the global mission.

We are committed to creating more and more virtual opportunities to business owners, teachers, tour guides, brokers, buyers, travelers, agents, and everyone else I might have missed here. We are committed to create the best virtual solution you need.

                                                            Omer Shamay, CEO and Co-Founder, Treedis

Our Story

Slide Dec 2017 Starting with Matterport We started our local
company, providing Matterport
scans in Israel.
Slide Feb 2018 Developments? We realized there's so much more to do with a virtual tour, and started researching into the SDK Slide May 2020 Treedis opens to everyone! We've launched our great product to market, and we're happier than ever with that! Slide Aug 2020 Hitting our stride We've past the 1000 customers mark. Slide October 2020 The team grows The business team and the developers get
a significant boost.

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